Did I tell you my experience about the Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune pokies? I played it with my friend and really enjoyed it. It was a five reel poker machine and accepts the bet with the 243 ways. So it means you will have number of ways to win many prizes. And those prizes are not so small that you can just play it and forget it. You can win a huge amount of money. It totally dignifies the name provided to it Robin Hood.

As you all know the story of that legendary hero, who lives in the Sherwood Forest. He robbed money from the rich peoples and distributes that money between poor’s. Same goes with this machine. It gives you money of the rich casino owners. It totally signifies for what it is made for. Apart from the story, in this you have to do just little of work of playing it on your own. The procedure of winning is also not so complicated.

The theme and the graphics of this event are really nice and attractive. In order to make good amount you will have to match the three symbols or more than that on the machine screen and the symbols which are used in this are based on the movie like archery, tropes, gold chains and many more. I am definitely sure that you will like this of you love to play some action and adventures games. If you will be very lucky or experienced in any manner then you will have fair chances to win a jackpot round so I hope you will like this slot.